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Big-C has gone up to his lung...

Good day everyone,

To those who do not know, my job requires me to travel a lot. I spent more than half of 2012 outside from the country. Unfortunately, due to this, I missed a lot of possible hints on hubby's health condition.

Hubby had started his lectures (he was on study leave from mid 2008 until mid 2012). So it's normal for him to have fever and cough every end of semester. Hubby has quite a big tonsil; therefore it's quite easy for him to get sick.

[End Dec 2012]

Me and my kids returned home on 28th Dec 2012. Hubby had bad cough and on & off fever. He already went to DEMC to get some medicines + antibiotics.

[Early Jan 2013]
Hubby was still coughing badly. Until one point, the cough caused him backache (he felt like something pressured his back bone every time he cough). He told his oncologist; whom then instructed for ultrasound. The ultrasound was clear.

Hubby went back to DEMC; and he was given another set of medicines + antibiotics.

[Mid Jan 2013]
We went to DEMC again. This time the doctor gave hubby stronger medicines + stronger antibiotics. She said, "After one week if you still haven't recovered, come back and we will do chest xray".

Hubby took the med and finished his antibiotics; but his cough was still there.

[22nd Jan 2013]
** Not related to hubby's condition **
As I mentioned earlier, my job requires me to travel. My return was supposed to be for 3 weeks plus (home trip). I had booked for my flight to Melbourne on Friday, 25th Jan 2013. Accommodation also had been arranged.

On this day, I received email from a project manager to cancel my trip back to Melbourne and support the project from Malaysia. At first I was startled. C'mon, how come he gave me such a short notice. Anyway, given no choice, I cancelled all booking arrangements and made a booking at Grand Lexis PD instead :D.

[26th Jan 2013]
Syasya was not well and since doctor had told hubby to return if his cough is still there, three of us were at DEMC since morning.

I brought Syasya to meet her paed, Dr Koshi at the 1st floor. Hubby went to outpatient clinic alone. Syasya was done before I got a call from my husband, asking me to come down to outpatient clinic.

Hubby had a chest xray and we were called into the doctor's room. The doctor, my husband and I looked at the image. The first question from the doctor, "Are you a smoker?". Both of us shake our head and said, "No". The doctor then referred to a specialist and hubby was advised to go for CT scan.

In the meanwhile, I sent Syasya home and hubby stayed at outpatient resting area waiting for CT scan. The CT scan was done around 3 PM. The result came out few hours after that. It was confirmed that A MASS was found on hubby's left upper lobe lung.

I went home and realized something. Allah knows better than us, indeed it's true. Allah has planned our life and things that happen for reasons. Then only it hit my mind that my Melbourne's trip was cancelled because of this. It's better for me to be home instead of thousands miles away from hubby.

[27th Jan 2013]
Hubby was discharged around noon time. Since I had made prior booking at Grand Lexis, regardless with the recent shocking news, we headed straight to PD.

We didn't really think about the tumor. We tried our best to enjoy our short vacation before meeting hubby's oncologist on Thursday, 31st Jan 2013.

[29th Jan 2013]
Today was the day when I started to panic. How come I was so calm for the past few days since we first got to know about the lung mass? Because I thought there was ONLY ONE!!! I didn't cross my mind that two smaller tumors were also found in hubby's right lower lobe. How did I got to know? On this very morning, hubby asked me to take a copy of the report for him to submit to his faculty. And only today I got to know there was a report provided inside the CT scan envelope

CT scan date: 26th Jan 2013

I had a colleague in Dubai who had removed part of his lung in order to get rid of cancer tumors. So, my mind was thinking, "OK, there is only one on his left upper lobe. Maybe he can go for surgery to get the tumor removed, or worst case surgeon will remove part of his lung". But with the most recent news, one huge on his left upper lobe and few more on right lower lobe; my mind went blank.

Many possibilities came to my mind...
"Previously I thought surgery is feasible, but now left and right. How can he go for surgery in this case? Can chemotherapy help to kill the big one? Is chemotherapy safe for him? Can hubby go through chemotherapy towards the end? How will we cope with me working and him undergoing treatments?".
Looking at the devastated me; hubby said, "You have to be strong. If I am strong, you ought to be strong". From that very moment, I pulled myself together and started changing my plans.

If you still remember in my previous post, I mentioned about 'the abandoned 4life brochure'. This moment was when I regret my action the most. Being me, I didn't want to waste my time regretting on things that couldn't turn back. On my way to the office, I asked my younger sister to contact her 4Life upline (his name is Zizan) and tell him to meet me at my office.

After meeting Zizan (+ Qaiyum), I bought few bottles of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus (TF Plus) and 4Life Tranfer Factor Advance (TF Adv). TF Plus is for hubby and TF Adv is for Irfan & Syasya (and also myself). I was hoping TF Plus could help to kick out cancer cells from hubby's body and TF Adv could help to boost up my kids immune system.

**I'm not going to explain here why I decided to get hubby TF Plus. Certain people might think I'm trying to promote products here. You can google about 4Life Transfer Factor and cancer on your own :-)** 

[31st Jan 2013]
For the very first time, I accompanied hubby for his oncologist appointment. We brought with us CT scan images and report.

Dr Nik Muhd Aslan, hubby's oncologist said, "OK, then we will plan for your chemotherapy. Can you start on next Wednesday, 06th Feb?" That was fast, wasn't it? I asked about alternative treatment @ surgery. Dr Aslan said surgery would be complicated due to the size of the tumor (the biggest one) and also multiple spots. We agreed with Dr Aslan's suggestion.

One minor issue (or maybe it's major); there were not many MFH patients being treated at PPUKM (or maybe hubby is the only one?). Dr Aslan couldn't give us details of the treatment until he discussed it with other specialists. There are several drugs can be used for MFH, and they have find one that is the most suitable for my husband.

[01st Feb 2013]
We first shared with families and friends about hubby's latest condition. Alhamdulillah, prayers and unconditional supports were given by everybody since the beginning.

Few actually shared alternative treatments for cancer; including sabah snake grass (SSG). I was really interested in SSG and straightaway looked for it.

[02nd Feb 2013]
We went back to hubby's hometown. We broke the news to his family. Mum was shocked and afraid. We convinced her to stay strong and insyaAllah together we will fight the big-C. Although it was not easy, we managed to stay calm and not to over think about the future.

[03rd Feb 2013]
On the way back to Shah Alam, we stopped by at YPL Herbal Farm, Negeri Sembilan to get supply of sabah snake grass.

**Again, I'm not going to explain in details about SSG. Maybe we will have dedicated post about it sometimes later**

OK.. enough flashback for now. So little information with such a long story, huh? Let's summarize the important points..

What are the signs? Please pay attention of the following symptoms, especially if you are a cancer patient:
  • Always feel sick @ feverish (on and off)
  • Have cough for long time
  • Chest pain while coughing
  • Back pain while coughing
  • Cough with blood
  • Loss of weight
  • Losing your appetite
What were among our first actions:
  • Straight away put hubby on supplement (4Life TF Plus) to boost up his immune system
  • Get supply of 'air zamzam' (holy water from Mecca)
  • Stay calm, positive and strong
That's it for now. Till our next post.. take care!!!
Intan & Naim
Shah Alam

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